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Frequently Asked Questions


Will OfficeSolver work for all size companies?
Yes, although Office Solver was designed with small to mid- sized companies in mind, our network of servers is designed to scale to accommodate thousands of users.

What programs/applications are needed to run Office Solver?
None - all that is required is a computer with an internet connection

How do I prevent unauthorized users from accessing company information?
Company information is password protected. Each authorized user selects a username and password.

Do I need a pre-existing email account to sign up for this service?
Yes, you need an email account to setup your Office Solver account.

How do I change credit card information?
The user will log-in to their account, click on the "my info" link, and then click "change cards"

What if the size of the company increases, what is required?
Nothing is required. However, it may be necessary to increase the amount of storage to accommodate the additional users.

Is my business data protected?
Yes. Our secure sign in prevents unauthorized users from accessing your company information. In addition we provide 128-bit SSL connections that allows data encryption for transmissions to our servers.