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Work Flows

Regardless of the size or complexity of the issue/problem or process, you can simplify the resolution by using Office Solver Work Flows. Work Flows allow you to manage transactions/processes or coordinate resolutions. Our application helps you to define the steps and assign roles to fellow team members to obtain desired results. Tracking problems and managing processes can be problematic if team members are not on the same page; however, this application makes collaboration extremely simple. Everyone knows their role and the next step to be taken in the process. Examples of Work Flows:

  • Problem identification and resolution
  • Document (i.e. proposals, contracts, procedures etc.) creation/collaboration
  • New sales lead or enquiry
  • Manufacturing process
  • New employee processing

Work flows consist of well-defined steps or tasks which are designed to implement a process with a specific goal in mind. This process involves the participation of individuals that are assigned specific roles and responsibilities to accomplish an object. The complexity of a work flow is determined by the complexity of the task at hand. However, Workflows can be as simple as the following:

workflow chart
Benefits include but, are not limited to:
  • Collaborate on problem resolution as a team
  • Improve quality and avoid mistakes
  • Manage and improve processes
  • Improve time efficiency of staff