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OfficeSolver: One Stop-Shop For All Your SaaS Business Management Needs
Document Management System
  1. Totally secure documents
  2. Document version control
  3. Manage and access the documents from anywhere
Virtual Terminal
  1. POS and E-commerce solutions
  2. Debit and credit card processing
  3. ACH and electronic check services
  1. Birds' eye view of all contacts
  2. Access business contacts online at anytime
  3. Monitor customer relationships
Work Flows
  1. Problem identification and resolution
  2. New sales lead or enquiry
  3. Manufacturing process
  1. No payroll software
  2. No tax tables to update
  3. Accurate federal, state and local tax calculations
  1. Maintain project discussions in one central location
  2. Group messages into categories
  3. Add attachments to postings
Document Signing (Coming Soon)
  1. Eliminate the cost associated with paper and postage
  2. Eliminate the need to print and/or fax signature pages
  3. Save time associated with the signature cycle
  1. Receive reminders for important due dates
  2. Monitor due dates for task and important events
  3. Share project milestones with team members anywhere
To Do List
  1. Eliminate the need for paper agendas and post-it notes
  2. Prioritize your list of "things to do" for an event or trip
  3. Create list for other team members, clients, etc.
Expense Reports
  1. Fast online approvals
  2. Eliminate expense report miscalculations
  3. Eliminate messy paper trail and timely signature cycles
  1. Receive alerts for important dates, deadlines and tasks
  2. Modify or delete reminders as needed
  3. Set recurring reminders if desired
Human Resource Manager
  1. Secure online storage for all employee evaluations
  2. Instant access from anywhere anytime
  3. Eliminate all paper work
Client Portal
  1. Unlimited client portals
  2. Provide access to specific applications
  3. Control access levels and permissions
Time Tracker
  1. Collect, track and manage employee time-sheets
  2. View time sheet history
  3. Monitor total hours by employee and project
  1. Schedule private or public events
  2. Attach files and schedule reminders for events
  3. Schedule meeting rooms for event
Project Management
  1. Effectively manage multiple projects teams remotely
  2. Collaborate, communicate and coordinate project information from anywhere
  3. Associates all project related data in a central location
Business Infrastructure Documents (Coming Soon)
  1. Accounting
  2. Contracts
  3. Human Resources
Tax Forms
  1. No additional software required
  2. Maintain history of tax filing and payments
  3. File taxes and make payments from anywhere anytime
Who are we? Why Choose Us? Bonus Features
OfficeSolver, a leading software as a service SaaS business application company, provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use software applications that facilitate a paperless work environment. Safe, secure and reliable, OfficeSolver combines a variety of business applications for optimizing business management processes.
Benefit from our advanced business knowledge and vast selection of applications that are sure to save you time and money. Designed by experienced business owners and professionals, OfficeSolver increases office productivity by taking time-consuming tasks, like filling paperwork, and puts them in one convenient location for quick and easy access.
Some of the bonus features included in the software are as below:

  1. Unlimited Users
  2. Unlimited Client Portals
  3. Unlimited Contacts
  4. Unlimited Projects
  5. Unlimited Flexibility!